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ballcenter Our Tungsten Carbide balls – durable and precise

Tungsten Carbide balls are balls with alloys made from hard metals. They are known for their high resistance to wear and corrosion. They also have resistance to high temperatures and pressure.

Tungsten Carbide balls are therefore highly suitable for industries such as aerospace, medicine, for ballscrews, for ball point pens and for precision measuring systems and sliding guides.

Carbide balls A range of alloys – highly resistant

We have balls from different hard metals for you. The benefits of Tungsten Carbide balls include resistance to wear and abrasion, hard shocks and impacts.


  • Materials: WC20, K20, YG6, H6N with 6% cobalt binder hardness approx. 1800 HV10 or YN9, C9M with 9% nickel binder hardness approx. 90.1 HRA
  • From 0.300mm to 63.500mm diameter
  • From grades 5 to 100

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Carbide balls Hollow carbide balls – hard yet light

Not only are our latest hollow carbide balls resistant, they are also lightweight. Hollow carbide balls are up to 90% lighter and can be customised to suit your exact application.


  • Sample materials: WC20, K20, YG6, H6N, HV10, C9M
  • Diameter: 1.0mm to 12.7mm
  • Wall thickness: from 100μm

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