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ballcenter Our stainless steel balls – high precision and resistance

Unlike decorative stainless steel balls, such as hollow balls for your garden, our high precision, good resistance stainless steel balls are ideal for applications involving mechanical parts. They are more corrosion resistant than conventional steel balls when it comes to media such as water, petrol, alcohol or oil. Rather than rusting, stainless steel balls usually get darker over time as they do not oxidise as much as regular steel.

Additionally, stainless steel balls which have been polished to high precision can withstand high temperatures, mechanical stress and other external influences, depending on their design. Our stainless steel balls are available in virtually all sizes and specifications. We distinguish between hardened and unhardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel balls.

Stainless steel balls Hardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel balls – high precision

Materials made from hardenable corrosion-resistant stainless steel are used to polish stainless steel balls to high precision. Simple alloys are enough for decorative stainless steels balls. But if used as a mechanical element, they must satisfy certain requirements. To guarantee these are met, our precision balls are manufactured according to strict standard specifications. High precision balls are used in special bearings, valves, the automotive industry, household appliances, measurement instruments and a range of other applications.


  • Sample materials: 1.3541 (AISI: 420C), 1.4125 (AISI: 440C), 1.4034 (AISI: 420C); 1.4021 (AISI: 420), 1.4028 (AISI 420B)
  • From 1 mm to 320 mm diameter
  • From grade G28 to G500

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Stainless steel balls Unhardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel balls – extreme resistance

The good resistance attributed to stainless steel balls is demonstrated by the fact that a ball made of non-hardenable corrosion-resistant stainless steels can withstand a wide range of media. These are often referred to as V2A or V4A in Germany. This includes water, water vapour and high humidity, but also food acids and weak organic or inorganic acids. Due to the non-hardening material, however, this stainless steel ballconnot be ground to the same high precision like hardened stainless steel balls.


  • Sample materials: 1.4301 (AISI: 304), 1.4401 (AISI: 316), 1.4571 (AISI: 316Ti), 1.4404 (AISI 316L), 1.4306 (AISI 304L)
  • From 1 mm to 320 mm diameter
  • From grade G40 to G600

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Special spheres Versatile stainless steel balls with hole/thread

To make use of the benefits and special properties of a stainless steel ball, it is not uncommon for the balls to be modified and machined into an industrial part. Stainless steel balls often require a hole to meet mechanical needs. Stainless steel balls can be machined with a blind hole, through hole, or thread.

These stainless steels balls are also known as derivates and are available in a range of steel varieties. If you buy stainless steel balls online, you should always make sure they meet the necessary specifications for balls and materials. Because here too, there is a clear distinction to be made between stainless steel balls for decorative purposes and garden design, and industrial purposes. We do not stock the former as they are not suitable for industry.


  • Stainless steel ball with blind hole
  • Stainless steel ball with through hole
  • Stainless steel ball with thread
  • From 3 mm to 100 mm diameter

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Special spheres Hollow stainless steel balls – capable of floating

Our hollow stainless steel balls are also unique. One of the benefits of these balls is that not only are they lighter, they are also capable of floating. Typical applications for hollow stainless steel balls are valves, or floating balls in dosing systems or roll-on deodorant.

You can request hardened or unhardened hollow stainless steel balls. Choose from wall strengths from 100 μm, regardless of the material. The balls are so flexible, we can adapt them to your needs.


  • Hollow stainless steel ball: 3.0 mm to 100 mm
  • Diameter: 80 – 100 mm (ground precisely without visible seams)
  • Diameter: 10 – 1000 mm (slightly visible seams, high-gloss polish)

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Stainless steel balls Applications – versatile stainless steel balls

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