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ballcenter Ball bearings made of non-ferrous metals – lightweight, resistant and precise

Non-ferrous metals are metals and metal alloys that do not contain iron or have a proportion of iron below 50%. For these special metals, the abbreviation “NFe metals” is used.

Aluminum balls, brass balls or ball bearings made of bronze, copper, titanium and other non-ferrous metals are use in special cases due to their resistance or low weight.

Copper balls & non-ferrous metals Many materials – many options

Aluminium balls – ballcenter

Aluminium balls

Aluminium balls are very versatile, which is due to the diverse properties of the light metal. This is why the are suitable for numerous types of applications.

Brass balls – ballcenter

Brass balls

Brass balls can be used in a variety of applications. Varying their mixing ratio can align them precisely with your requirements.

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