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We get the ball rolling for your application... the best possible sense: Discover the multiple applications of our ball bearings.

ballcenter Applications of ball bearings – Multiple uses

Thanks to our broad product range and many years of experience, our ball bearings are suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on your application, you can choose from:

  • different materials
  • numerous grades
  • special ball bearing designs

To help you decide, we recommend different ball bearings for certain applications, according to your sector. We would be happy to advise you on your individual options.

Your areas of use A critical role – Sample applications for ball bearings

Balls for fluid and electrotechnology – ballcenter

Fluid and electrotechnology

Ball bearings can be used to effectively regulate the flow of liquids and gases.

Balls for the food and cosmetics industries – ballcenter

Food and cosmetics industry

Ball bearings are used as mixing and grinding media in numerous areas of the food and cosmetics industry.

Balls for mechanical engineering – ballcenter

General mechanical systems

Getting machines up and running is often a job for ball bearings. For example, ball bearings are commonly used in ball screw drives.

Balls for cleaning and household – ballcenter

Cleaning and household maintenance

Cleaning your favourite household objects is not always easily. That’s where ball bearings can prove an effective cleaning tool.

Balls for optics and precision engineering – ballcenter

Optics and precision engineering

In optics and precision engineering, it all comes down to accuracy. Their geometry makes ball bearings ideally suited for positioning.

Balls for the construction and furniture industry – ballcenter

Construction and furniture industry

Ball bearing are used in the construction and furniture industry, often undetectably. We can show you where.

Balls for drive and conveying technology – ballcenter

Drive and conveying technology

Ball bearings keep things moving in numerous drive and conveying technology applications. We can show you countless examples.

Balls for the sports and games industry – ballcenter

Sports and games industry

Ball bearings inject fun into the game when they fulfil certain requirements. We can recommend ball bearings for various leisure activities.

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