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Precision balls – ballcenter

ballcenter Precision balls – when precision makes the difference

Our precision balls are available in a wide range of materials:

  • Steel, various types
  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

They can withstand different oils, greases, acids or gases according to the application and are resistant to fluctuating temperatures and mechanical loads.

We would love to advise you on the right precision balls to suit your application and needs. Or simply send us an express enquiry with your specifications.

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Precision balls Whatever the requirements – you’ll find the right balls here

Steel balls – ballcenter

Steel balls

High-precision, robust steel balls for applications that withstand high loads, extreme temperatures or a wide range of external influences.

Stainless steel balls – ballcenter

Stainless steel balls

Extremely corrosion-resistant, ultra-precise and durable stainless steel balls withstand a variety of external influences and are used in diverse applications.

Plastic balls – ballcenter

Plastic balls

Resistant to chemicals, electrically isolated and low mass – our plastic balls are used in a wide range of applications due to their multi-faceted material.

Glass balls – ballcenter

Glass balls

For applications in the permanently acidic or alkaline pH range, glass balls and balls made from sintered materials such as acrylic or ceramic are the perfect choice.

Copper balls – ballcenter

Copper balls and non-ferrous metals

High stability at low weight is a property of balls made of copper or other non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, bronze and brass.

Ceramic balls – ballcenter

Ceramic balls

Low thermal expansion, corrosion-free and highly precise – ceramic balls made of high-tech ceramics are suitable for special requirements and in some cases, do the job without lubricants.

Tungsten Carbide balls – ballcenter

Tungsten Carbide balls

High yield strength, wear-resistant and highly precise – for applications that generate high loads, tungsten carbide balls are the right choice.

Rubber balls – ballcenter

Rubber balls

Highly durable, high resistance – rubber balls can be used in a range of industrial applications and withstand compression and atmospheric phenomena.

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