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ballcenter Our steel balls – precise and robust

Our steel balls are highly precise and robust. Depending on their design, they can withstand high mechanical loads, temperatures, and diverse environmental conditions.

Whether hardened, unhardened, or as a solid chromesteel ball: our full range of products caters to practically every need. We look forward to hearing from you. We offer steel precision balls to fit virtually every scale and specification.

Steel balls Hardened steel balls – Bearing steel / Chromesteel

Hardened chrome steel balls are usually used in valves, ball bearings, linear ball guides, ballscrews and spindles, making them popular for motion drives and fluid technology applications.


  • Materials: 1.3505 (AISI: 52100), 1.3520/1.3536/1.3539, 100Cr6, GCr15
  • From 1 mm to 320 mm diameter
  • From grade G5 to G600
  • Hardened
  • Special designs available

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Steel balls Stainless steel balls – hardened and non-hardenable stainless steel

Our rust proof steel balls are made from different high performance stainless steels. They can resist against water and weak acids. Stainless steel balls  have good resistannce against salt and seawater and can be craftet to high precision.


  • Hardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel, such as: AISI420/AISI420C; AISI440/AISI440c;
  • Non-hardenable corrosion-resistant stainless steel, such as: AISI302; AISI304/304L;AISI316/316L (V2A/V4A)

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Steel balls Soft core – low alloy and ferrous metals

Low alloy balls have a hardened surface with a soft core in short, they are case hardened, making them highly suitable for low-speed bearings, drawer slides, and for use as mixing balls in spray cans.


  • Sample materials: 1.0616 (AISI: 1086), 1.0304 (AISI: 1010), 1.0413 (AISI: 1015)
  • Diameter from 1 mm
  • Hardened or unhardened, depending on the material

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Steel balls Hardness Rockwell – S2 tool steel special material

AISI-S2 steel balls are completely hardened to achieve a hardness of 55-60 HR (Hardness Rockwell). Therefore, these steel bearings have exceptional hardness and wearing properties which are deployed in applications where balls must withstand extreme forces.


  • Sample materials: AISI S2
  • Ball diameter: 3.0mm - 1-3/4“ = 44.45mm
  • Grade: G40 – G500

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Steel balls Hollow steel balls – lightweight and powerful

Our hollow steel balls are new arrivals. They are up to 90% lighter than solid bearings. These balls are so flexible, we can adapt them to your needs.


  • Sample materials: 1.0616 (AISI: 1086), 1.3505 (AISI: 52100), 100Cr6, AISI S2
  • Ball diameter: 1.0mm to 12.7mm
  • Wall thickness: from 100 μm

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Steel balls Applications – a sample of diverse applications for these balls

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