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ballcenter Our brass balls – useful and attractive

Brass can be aligned with your special requirements by varying the mixing ratio. This property means that brass balls are not only attractive, but they are also true specialists for a range of applications.

Brass balls Precise brass balls – in different sizes

If you are interested in precise brass balls, we offer them in sizes from a minimum ball diameter of 1.5 mm to a maximum diameter of 25.4 mm.

Product properties:

  • From 1.5 mm to 25.4 mm diameter
  • Grade G500

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Brass balls Machined brass balls – with blind hole or inner thread

Of course we can offer your any brass ball as a ball derivative. Popular variants are brass balls with blind hole or brass balls with inner thread. They are the preferred decoration for railings in the furniture industry.

Examples of machined brass balls:

  • Drilled brass balls
  • Brass ball with blind hole
  • Brass ball with thread
  • and many more

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